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Mclean House Spring Box - PREORDER and PERSONALIZE

Mclean House Spring Box - PREORDER and PERSONALIZE

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Hi there! Welcome to your preorder of one of the two or three secret kits we're planning this year.

This kit has a Mclean House theme, and it's the only one that will have that theme this year.

The kits will be shipped on March 10, and each one has a built in shipping fee. This means that if you only order the kit and nothing else, we will immediately refund the extra shipping fee. However, if you order additional items, you'll receive two shipments. The kits need to be sent individually, hence this solution. 

The Spring Box has one item that will be personalized, so please leave a message in the cart (click on the cart, and at the very bottom, you can leave a message,) with the name you'd like us to use for this personalization. We're looking for your preferred name/nickname/username. 

The kit will include 11-14 items, all related to Mclean House spring. Such as the cruise, the Easter Egg Hunt event, etc etc. We won't spoil it!

You can preorder the kit up until January 28th. 

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