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The Mclean House Holiday Kit - 2023 - Limited Edition

The Mclean House Holiday Kit - 2023 - Limited Edition

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It's a Mclean House Holiday this year! 

IMPORTANT: This kit contains a unique item that will be personlized just for you, so it's important you leave a message at the checkout. Keep reading!

This secret kit includes brand spankin' new items from Master Kingsley, the brats of House Mclean, the Tenley triad, the Founders, Master Kingsley and Tate, Colt and Ty, and...I'm just gonna stop rambling here. There are approximately 10 items. It's the perfect gift for a Mclean House member, and all items are limited to this kit. They won't appear separately in the store at a later point.

Now, for the item from the Founders: At checkout, it's important you leave a specific message; click on your cart, and at the bottom you'll see "Order special instructions." Let the Founders know what your handle/username would be on the Mclean House Online community. If you do not specify and message Cara your handle, she will let Master Greer and Daddy Colt decide, and fair warning, they see brats everywhere.

Available till they run out!

Shipping begins on November 15.

(The actual gift set will be gift-wrapped differently than illustrated on the picture for shipping reasons, but Tate and Archie assure you it'll be pretty.)


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