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Ebook - The Renegades #3, On the Double

Ebook - The Renegades #3, On the Double

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The Renegades #3 | Romantic Suspense | Action | MMM
“It’s a fine line between not revealing your arsenal and creating disorder by showing your strength.”

Funny how calm you could feel when someone had ripped the heart out of your chest.

River and Reese Tenley had grown up on the fringes of society, spending most of their adult years as private military contractors in places nobody else wanted to go. It’d been the two of them against the world, and they’d never believed their missing puzzle piece had existed—until they’d met Shay. The young man who’d quickly become their everything.

So the moment he was kidnapped… The moment those sick bastards 
took Shay, the twin brothers had nothing left to lose.

The streets were going to run red with blood until they had their boy back.

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