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The Game Series, #11 - Apex Predator

The Game Series, #11 - Apex Predator

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Signed paperbacks ship directly from Cara in Sweden. 

The Game Series | Book 11 | Primal Play | MMMM | D/s | Vacation Romance

When boyfriends Lane and Macklin headed down to Florida for a kinky week in the sun among friends, it was with the promise of no drama and plenty of Everglades wilderness. Of course, things rarely go as planned—especially if a pack of Sadists were in charge. Macklin could no longer outrun the feelings he harbored for the man he was still technically married to, and Lane soon found himself face-to-face with his high school girlfriend’s dad, the man who’d made Lane realize he was gay.

Welcome to Florida, home to more than one Apex Predator.


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