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The Game Series, #13 - Hide With Me

The Game Series, #13 - Hide With Me

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The Game Series, #13 | Daddykink | Age Gap | D/s | MMM

It’s no coincidence Gael Grimes is in Professor Aavik’s class. He’s had a crush on the silver fox since he first spotted the man in the kink community they’re both part of. But when Gael’s ex-boyfriend ignores the restraining order against him and tries to reach out, another man steps out of the shadows. Private investigator Joshua “Santiago” Jones has been keeping an eye on Gael for a while as a favor to a friend. Under different circumstances, Santiago would’ve loved to get closer to Gael—but this is work. The only reason Santiago has to get close now is to protect Gael from his stalker ex-boyfriend.

Then again—unlike rules, of course—resolves are meant to be broken, right? Preferably swiftly.


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