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The Game Series, #9 - Senseless

The Game Series, #9 - Senseless

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Signed paperbacks ship directly from Cara in Sweden. 

The Game Series | Book 9 | Humor | BDSM | Novella told in Multiple POVs

After a long fall, the kinksters of Mclean House are finally getting ready to host events again. They have one week for last-minute preparations, but hard work doesn’t mean there’s no time for a little fun too. Reese promises cuddles in the dark and possibly a ball gag, Kit is super-excited about a gift he’s won for Daddy Colt, Kingsley can’t help but picture a future with Tate in which they start a family, Noa has a bratty surprise, poor Greer is having his chest shaved for a frigid photo shoot—actually, so is Colt. Those about to watch are really looking forward to that.

I’m down to clown, as Corey would say!

It’s recommended to have read Their Boy, Breathless, Doll Parts, Out of the Ashes, The Shepherd, and Adrift in the Embers before diving into Senseless.


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