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The Irish of Philly, #1 - This Life I

The Irish of Philly, #1 - This Life I

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Signed paperbacks ship directly from Cara in Sweden. 

MF | Mafia Romance | Arranged Marriage | Comedy | Loyalty

Finnegan O’Shea’s plan was to get rid of the Sons of Munsters’ gobshite boss, the man who’d murdered Finn’s grandfather. A family man had more to lose and was generally less likely to take any risks, so that was who Finn would become. A family man. A top earner. He’d get close to the inner circle and… Okay, now wasn’t the time to get ahead of himself. First he had to find a damn wife. Someone sweet and compliant who wouldn’t get in the way. Emilia Porter seemed perfect—until her claws came out and Finn realized he’d met his match.


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