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Ebook - The Renegades #4, Tango Down

Ebook - The Renegades #4, Tango Down

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The Renegades #4 | Romantic Suspense | Enemies to Lovers | Action | MM
“I’m here, baby. Daddy’s here. Oh God, I’m so sorry.”

The murder in Joel Hayward’s eyes wasn’t merely a reflection of the rage within. It was a promise to the men who had kidnapped his daughter. The one person—this amazing slip of a girl—who showed Joel every single day that there was good left in the world.

He was running on fumes. He was desperate. His closest companion was…Elliott. His ex-wife’s older brother. Okay, once upon a time, the man had been a lot more than that, but somehow they’d become mortal enemies instead. Frankly, Joel didn’t give a flying f— He didn’t care if Elliott made it back alive. Or so he kept telling himself, as the pain intensified with each day he couldn’t hold his little girl in his arms.

As they got closer and closer to their target, one lead at a time, the men prepared themselves to go to war.

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